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My name is Joel Pendergraft. Id like to tell you a little about myself and how I became involved with Gunsmithing.

I developed a keen interest in guns beginning with a Daisy air rifle that I received for Christmas when I was a young lad. Eventually I became old enough to use firearms and enjoyed hunting with friends and family.

I was introduced to competitive shooting in the early 80s and competitive shooting became my passion as a hobby and remains so to this day. I have competed in the following shooting sports: Skeet, Trap, USPSA Pistol, NRA Highpower Rifle, NRA F-Class Rifle, IDPA, Outlaw 3 Gun Tactical, NRA Pistol Silhouette, Cowboy Action, Benchrest Short Range, and Benchrest 1000 yards.

In the mid 90s I was heavily involved in 1000 yard Benchrest shooting and wanted to build my own rifles so I began acquiring machine tools and equipment for that purpose. I enjoyed building rifles for myself and friends as much as I did competing in the matches. There was much experimenting to building one of a kind rifles that would be competitive.

In 2008 I took an early retirement from an Engineering Management Job and made the decision to do Gunsmithing as a full time occupation. I achieved a pinnacle of success in 2009 when I set a World Record in 1000 Yard Benchrest shooting a one of a kind rifle that I built.

I am currently enjoying shooting in 3 Gun Tactical matches and do a lot of custom work on the guns used for these competitions. I enjoy helping shooters with their firearms so they can get greater enjoyment and success from them.

- Joel Pendergraft

Pendergraft Gun Works, Inc.

The gunsmith himself - Joel Pendergraft.

Joel shooting his record setting custom benchrest rifle.

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